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From the Wax to the Scents

Luxe Wax is a small business specialising in luxury home fragrance. Run by Taylor and I (Abbie). The company was born from a search for a candle to compliment my coffee table. I really wanted a bubble candle and body candle. I found the scents uninspired or copies and let’s say, a little vanilla. Taylor and I decided to create our own candles.


We started by creating the candles and perfecting to process. We chose to use soy wax in our candles due to the many benefits of this natural resource. To find our more click here. We then sought out base fragrances to blend our own unique scents for Luxe Wax. When crafting the scents, we drew inspiration from our travels to create aromas that would transport us back to those places. We named them Glacier, Rose Garden and Wild Beach. To find out more about each scent and the places that inspired them click here.

Luxe Wax Limited formed and registered in May 2021. We now supply several pillar candles, including the body candles and bubble candles. We have a range of container candles and reed diffusers. Now we are expanding into homeware. We love growing our company and interacting with all of you lovely people on our socials. We hope our products and fragrances transport you, inspire you and help you create memories that will last forever.

Compliment Your Home with Our Wild Beach Candle Collection

Cute singularly and in pairs. You can also mix and match colours if you’re unsure which scent you’d prefer.

See scent descriptions below!

Why those names we hear you ask?

 At Luxe Wax Home, we wanted to create something beautiful, that smells amazing and evokes emotion. We are passionate about travelling, experiencing new things, and enjoying life. So, we tailored our scents to reflect the places we love the most. From this plan, our signature fragrances were born! Glacier to represent Reykjavik in Iceland, Rose Garden for London in our home land, the United Kingdom, and Wild Beach to reflect Sesimbra in Portugal.


The Glacier home fragrance was inspired by the land of ice and fire, Iceland! Some of the world’s most beautiful natural features are found on this stunning island. A place filled with Waterfalls, Volcanos, and Glaciers. It is no wonder the Icelanders are proud of it and want to preserve the landscape. That is why Iceland has some of the cleanest air imaginable due to the low pollution levels. We captured the essence of this clean but volatile land in Glacier. Crisp black pepper, evened out by the freshness of bergamot. Glacier refreshes your senses and energises you.

Wild Beach

Our Wild Beach home fragrance takes us back to lazy days relaxing on the isolated wild beaches of Portugal. After watching wild dolphins play in the morning you can get dropped off on your own secluded beach, inaccessible by foot. We spent our days relaxing in these secluded spots and enjoying the sunsets on the way back. It was a different world! The gentle coconut aroma is accompanied by a sweet hibiscus after tone. The scent relaxes and rejuvenates as it transports you to your own serene wild beach.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden home fragrance is a tribute to the many flower gardens in the UK. We took inspiration from the Rose Garden in Londons Hyde Park. Nothing is as British as getting away from the humdrum of city life than taking a stroll through one of the beautiful, curated gardens or parks. Whenever we get chance, we escape to London only to find ourselves escaping the bustle by visiting Hyde Park. It gives you a breather whilst still being rich and vibrant. Traits that are mirrored in this scent. Its sweet floral scent is balanced out by a kick of pink peppercorn and a rich depth. This scent is invigorating and gives a sense of opulence to your life.

Why do we use Soy Wax for our candles?

Soy wax comes from a natural, renewable source, which is soy beans. This means not only are our candles vegan and kinder to the environment, they also support agriculture. Soy wax also burns cleaner and for longer. That means your candles are less likely to emit black smoke while burning.

Our biodegradable candles make it super easy to reuse and recycle your containers. A great tip for any left over container wax that is too low to burn is to repurpose. Leftover soy wax can be used to make wax melts. Why not get the most out of your purchase.

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What our Customers have to say…

  • 5 Star Review  Really good product, smells great and burns for ages!

    Rose Garden Body Candle Image
    Rose Garden Body Candle

    5 Star Review  Smells really good and looks like it should be much more expensive, a real bargain! Will definitely be buying more!

    Wild Beach Candle Image
    Wild Beach Candle
  • 5 Star Review  Got the Glacier snap bar because the diffuser was so nice, not disappointed, already ordered more.

    Snap Bar Image
    Snap Bar

    5 Star Review  This scent smells amazing and the diffuser lasts a long time, I love it and will definitely purchase again!

    Glacier Candle and Reed Diffuser Set Image
    Glacier Candle and Reed Diffuser Set
  • 5 Star Review  Love the wax melts they smell so good and the smell lasts really well, my personal favourite scent is glacier but wild beach and rose garden are just as good as well!

    Knots Image

    5 Star Review  Long lasting fragrance, had loads of compliments about the Glacier diffuser, would definitely recommend.

    Glacier Reed Diffuser Image
    Glacier Reed Diffuser

Candle Safety

  • Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface
  • Keep it away from drafts and never leave it unattended while lit
  • Allow the candle to cool completely before handling
  • Do not burn candles for longer than 2 hours at a time
  • Always trim the wick

Reed Diffuser Safety

  • Do not light reeds.
  • Keep reed diffuser out of the reach of children and pets
  • Do not ingest diffuser liquid
  • Use gloves when handling used reeds
  • Protect surfaces